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Dr. Dianne Miskus
Here at Optimal Chiropractic Wellness Centre we are very patient focused. Our goal is make sure that everyone has the opportunity for
their body to fuwindsor-body.jpgnction at their best.  This means less
pain, more Energy and Optimal function. We are here to help individuals with all their issues from the common lower backache to something more serious like migraines, sciatica and stress related issues. We have years of Experience in this field and technology to help you understand why chiropractic care is the best choice to help your family be healthy for a lifetime.

We recognize everyone has different goals when they begin care.  This may be a few visits to get your comfortable or wellness care to keep you healthy for years to come.  This is your choice.  We look forward to serving you.

Chiropractic Services
At Optimal Chiropractic we offer a variety of techniques to help align your spine and reduce the damage of day to day stress.  The adjustment consists of manual or instrument based techniques that improves spinal motion and releases tension off the nerves.

Health & Wellness
Even if you are not currently in pain, chiropractic care can help maintain wellness and optimal health in your life. Prevention is key to avoid imbalances in your spine and nervous system that can add years of unnecessary damage to your body.  Releasing stressful patterns in your muscles and joints  will allow you the best opportunity for a future with a healthy spine and nervous system for you  to live well and be well  for years to come. At Optimal Chiropractic & Wellness Centre we take a holistic approach to health. Our centre offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, and the best technology on the market today to detect spinal interference. (thermography, EMG and Heart Rate Variablity scan).  We also have great products that include but not limited to water filled pillows, TENS modalities, BIOFREEZE and Greens First supplements to keep you feeling great from the inside and comfortable on the outside.    

Our unique nerve first approach recognizes that we Live our Lives through our NERVOUS SYSTEM.  It is the controlling system of the body that when well promotes healing and when sick breaks down and dies. At our office we consistently measure to understand how well your nerves are working to promote health and healing.  We respect the power of the brain and nervous system that when it's communicating properly that this is the  intelligence to keep us well. 

Our patients’ health is the number one thing for us and our upmost Concern. We are 100% committed to providing an excellent higher standard of services to our clients. We are proud that the majority of clients tell us we have provided more understanding and more information about their health and their problems than any other doctor they have seen. 


We are dedicated to an evidence-guided, best-practice approach to chiropractic care.  Our mission is to reduce spinal subluxations that interfere with the ability of the body to function at its best.  We believe children and all individuals should have the opportunity to have to a proper spinal and nerve exam to make sure there are not surprises as the body ages.